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Every year, thousands of students from across the globe apply for Canadian Student Visa in order to pursue their post secondary or higher education. During these courses students acquire valuable skills and knowledge, as well as the enriching experience of living and studying in a new and different environment. Canadian institutions help build every student’s dream of getting employed in the best companies around the world as they take pride in their best education system. When they return home, these students expect that their newly acquired skills and knowledge will be recognized for purposes of further study or for practising their chosen profession or trade.

Zephyrvisa assists many students study overseas every year and further helps settle down after the successful completion of their course.

Admission Requirements for Students

  • All students are required to obtain a student authorization and visa before proceeding for their studies.
  • Admission to an institution does not guarantee the issuance of student visa.
  • Students must meet the requirement of the immigration Acts and Regulations of the respective countries.
  • It is recommended that a student must allow three months to process their application.
  • After the student has signed the agreement with us, we start applying on his behalf to various colleges and universities.
  • On getting the acceptance letter from the university, the student is required to generate the documents in the visa process.
  • International University degrees are offered at three consecutive levels - Bachelor, Master and Doctoral.
  • The possession of a degree from the lower level is generally a pre-requisite for the admission to the next.
  • Some universities also offer diploma and certificate courses, which require one or two years of study in a specific field or discipline.
  • All Universities and colleges require certified copies of documents and academic records.
  • Students have to take the test of English ability IELTS and must obtain an average score 6 Bands.
  • These scores may vary for different colleges and universities.

There are few questions that may come to your mind when you think of applying for Student Visa:

  • How long will it take to get a student visa?

       After getting the Letter of Acceptance from the desired university, it will take 15 to 25 days time to get the student visa.

  • Can I work while I study?

       Canada allows students to work while they are pursuing their further studies. Students are allowed to work both on campus and off campus. To work off-campus, international students need to apply for a work permit, as part of the Off-Campus Work Permit Program. This permit allows students to work for 20 hours per week during term time and full-time during holidays and semester breaks.

  • How do I gain some work experience?

       There are various study and work programs in Canada which will allow you to gain some experience by doing an internship or an unpaid volunteer work. These works may pay you very less or may not pay you at all but it holds very good for counting your experience in future.

  • Can I work after graduation?

       Canada always encourages international students to continue work there after their graduation. If you apply for a full time course of 2 years then after completing your graduation, Canada allows you to work in their country for another 2 years provided you apply for the work visa within 90 days of graduating.

  • Will I get any further immigration opportunities?

       As Canadian Immigration program is known world-wide and its points based, while applying for the Permanent Residency you will be allocated additional points for completing a full time course in Canada. Also during the course as you must have worked in Canada, that also adds up as a benefit for the points system. Therefore migrating to Canada becomes an advantage for you.

  • Can my spouse or partner accompany me?

       Yes, you spouse or partner will be allowed to accompany you and your partner or spouse can also work in Canada.